High Intensity Discharge Wingtip Landing Lights

H.I.D. LIGHTS (600,000 C.P.)

High Intensity Discharge Wingtip Landing Lights - Various Aircraft
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H.I.D. landing light systems are designed to last the life of your aircraft. Due to the fact that they produce less heat, draw a small amount of current, they can be left on for the duration of your flight.

Piper Aircraft. PA-28,PA-32.PA-34

Cessna Aircraft. 150,152,170,172,175,180,182,185,205,206,207,210.

Aircraft with RMD Wing Tips installed. Also can be installed on most aircraft with a field approval

12 Volt, 35 Watts, 2.9 Amps., 600,000 C.P.
24 Volt, 35 Watts, 1.25 Amps., 600,000 C.P.

STC and FAA/PMA approved (wingtip installations) (STC-01107SE)

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